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San Mateo County begins reopening, shelter in place lifted, District remains online

The San Mateo County Health Officer has lifted the shelter-in-place order and is allowing businesses to reopen in the county, as long as they follow certain health and safety guidelines. Face coverings and social distancing are still required in most public places.

The new order brings San Mateo County into alignment with the Governor’s Resilience Roadmap. According to that plan, businesses are allowed to reopen as long as they adhere to local health orders and follow state guidance.

District remains online and work-from-home
Even with this revised order, the San Mateo County Community College District—including Cañada College, College of San Mateo, Skyline College and the District Office—will remain in online/distance learning modality through the Fall 2020 semester until further notice. Most classes will continue to be online, and most employees will continue to work from home, during that timeframe.  

It may be possible at a later date to restore limited campus operations under certain conditions. The District’s emergency operations team continues to assess conditions and develop plans based on the guidance in the health order and on institutional capacities. Any future changes in the District’s current operating model will be shared in advance.

Social gatherings
The new health orders allow gatherings of up to 50 people (with face coverings and social distancing still required), and they allow people to gather in “social bubbles” of up to 12 people who agree only to socialize with each other and not mix with other groups of people. This allows friends, for example, to begin to socialize in person again.

Face coverings and social distancing still required
Please follow the requirements for face coverings and social distancing. According to the County Health Officer, there is a significant risk of a resurgence of COVID-19 in the county if too many people disregard these health orders. Read the Health Officer’s statements on the San Mateo County Health website.

Extensive information and resources for students is available on the new Virtual Campus website.

Get the Latest District Information:
District COVID-19 Page
Telephone Hotline: 650-574-6650

Read more about the San Mateo County Health orders here:
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